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Why New CBC Initiatives?

Because as an organization that promotes trauma sensitivity we must be flexible.  And inventive.   And we must continually evolve the care we give — new ways, new places — to have the greatest impact.

As long as ACEs exist our children are at risk for short- and long-term negative health and social outcomes.  As long as ACEs exist, Clifford Beers Clinic will strive to deliver the best possible for care for our children and our community.

We do it because we know trauma-focused care works.  In one high school in Washington State where administration shifted to trauma sensitivity, consider the numbers regarding school suspensions and expulsions:

2009, BEFORE trauma-sensitive approach:

798 suspensions

50 expulsions

2010, AFTER trauma-sensitive approach

135 suspensions

30 expulsions

Using trauma sensitivity, Lincoln High School in Washington State reduced school suspensions by 83% and school expulsions by 40%.

To learn more about the new CBC initiatives that are addressing ACEs and promoting health and wellness, browse below or through the quick links on the top right.



Wraparound New Haven

“Wrap” is designed to help families with complex needs, both behavioral and medical.  Its core components include connecting the family to services that will promote health and wellness and delivering better care at an overall reduced cost.  Through “Wrap” we believe we can keep children out of costly and more after-the-fact hospital emergency rooms by delivering thoughtful, preventive and coordinated behavioral and physical health care.

The “Wrap” program is a big step toward integrated care.  Learn more, including who qualifies for the “Wrap” program.


Child FIRST is designed to help parents connect with their very young children (birth to five).  It starts with building trust and engaging the family, and that work leads to cooperatively developing a plan of care for the family.

The emphasis is on helping families as early as possible!  CBC established its Child FIRST team in 2010.  Learn more.



New Haven Trauma Coalition

By making care more accessible, the Coalition (which includes the City of New Haven, New Haven Public Schools, and United Way BOOST!) is able to deliver care coordination to students and their families.  Other NHTC activity includes screening students for trauma, providing therapeutic care to treat things like PTSD and depression, and trauma training for school staff.  Learn more.



The MOMs Partnership

MOMS postcardMOMs is the effort of many community-based organizations to help pregnant and parenting mothers in New Haven. Why?  Because when over 1,200 New Haven mothers were surveyed, 68% said they needed help coping with trauma, and 66% said they needed help managing sadness.  Two-thirds of the moms we surveyed in our community needed help!

MOMs is groundbreaking in many ways, including location.  The idea is to be IN THE COMMUNITY.  The first MOMs “hub” – where moms can walk in and seek assistance — opened in Stop & Shop on Whalley Avenue in 2015.  Three other hubs are also open in community-based locations.

Learn more, including the full results from the survey of 1,200 New Haven mothers.